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Aperimax – Tradition And High Quality Spanish Nuts Since 1982

by JGE Team

How Aperimax born

The story of Aperimax is linked from its beginnings to Juan A. Amor Pedraza, the founder. At the beginning of the 80s, Juan Amor began in the world of making nuts, starting as a dealer in Macoa, peanuts company, almonds, pistachios, etc.  At the same time, he had the opportunity to stay with Macoa and to have his own nuts factory.



In 1993, along with the support of his wife Toñi Mora, he created Aperimax as a company and as a brand but never stopped working with Macoa. Thanks to the experience and self-confidence, Juan Amor begins its internationalization. His first market was France. The success of the opening of this new market leads Juan Amor to look for other destinations in Europe and the US. Although, he never stopped believing in new challenges in different continents.


The values of the brand: tradition, health and taste

Juan Amor, deeply rooted in the Values and Mediterranean culture, decides to create a company committed to good food and Health-Benefit Products. That is how Aperimax was born, a factory of healthy gourmet nuts. The Mediterranean diet is synonymous with healthy eating and it is a bet for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



Aperimax knows that, and that is why they complement the natural quality of the nuts with a unique and artisanal elaboration process, shaping the Brand Values: Tradition, Health and Taste for the most exquisite palates.

The elaboration process of the Aperimax nuts goes beyond the manufacture and packaging. Juan Amor personally selected the raw material supervising all processes very carefully, always showing his own surname and working with a single purpose: The highest quality.


Aperimax’s future

Tanya and Laura, who started loading and unloading vans, drove wheelbarrows and learned to fry and toast from a very young, have taken over the management of the family business, Aperimax, at the beginning of 2016.

Accustomed from girls to develop between almonds, walnuts and pistachios, the professional curriculum of the sisters Tanya and Laura Amor is necessarily linked to Aperimax, the family company dedicated to the production and marketing of gourmet nuts.



Tanya is an expert in sales, especially in the foreign sector, which already represents 85% of business figures of this innovative agro-alimentary industry with the production plant in Palmera (La Safor).

Laura is responsible for carrying the accounts of a society whose family succession has been as fast as effective.

Both are committed to offering their customers a quality product, healthy and with great flavor, continuing with the values and legacy that their father left them.


APERIMAX, 100% gluten-free



The toasting process is made with rice flour of the highest quality. This toasting process ensures that our products are 100% Gluten-free. A new added value of the nuts Aperimax, totally suitable for celiacs.


A clean and natural process



The frying process is done with the best Sunflower oil, with high oleic content fully controlled and renewed when control of the polar oil compounds requires it. This detail is essential to achieve the unique quality and flavor of Aperimax nuts.


Sustainable waste management



Aperimax makes the difference to waste management in a sustainable way, guaranteeing the environmental policy in each and every phase of elaboration of Aperimax nuts. All quality products are committed to the environment.


Aperimax Line – Quality and Healthy Nuts

APERIMAX is a line of quality and healthy nuts. Their nutritional benefits and properties improve people’s lives. They are also recognized and valued by food professionals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Aperimax offers you a great variety of the best selection of our nuts, so you can enjoy the quality without giving up the care of your health.


Dried fruits


Sweeten your life in the most natural way. You can choose between the diversity of Aperimax dried fruits of great freshness and with all the most traditional flavors.


Dehydrated fruits


Dehydrated fruits provide energetic value and great benefits for our health. They keep all their nutrients and it’s easy to transport and taste at any time.




Delicious dried fruits covered with a thin layer of caramel. These fruits are very beneficial to activate the mind and reduce cholesterol.




Small pleasures direct to the palate, for the most exquisite tastes. Covered fruits with a thin layer of chocolate and cocoa powder.




Soft and delicate textures with an intense flavor. You can choose between different varieties, natural or cocoa. For the entire family.


Juan Amor Signature Collection – A line of gourmet nuts

Its delicate selection and care treatment provide the flavors and textures that make the pleasure of tasting a whole experience. Juan Amor, aimed at people who enjoy the pleasure of eating and enjoy discovering new flavors, is the ideal food for those who love haute cuisine, value luxury and consider a new art the gastronomic sector.


Marcona Gold, gold delights for your palate



A careful selection of the best Spanish Marcona almonds. Subjected to a delicate handmade process of peeling and fried in the best sunflower oil. The thin layer of salt that surrounds almonds brings a crispy texture to the product. Its texture and final aroma are unsurpassed, turning the almonds into the best appetizer for any time of the day.


Almond creation, small pleasures that sweeten life



Delicious gourmet nuts to accompany any appetizer due to the artisan frying process which makes the delights of the most demanding palates. Due to its sweet and salty taste at the same time, the almond of the Juan Amor line offers an incomparable texture and flavor.


Pec· n One, crunchy textures



The best pecans are handmade toast and covered with a thin layer of sugar cane crystallized caramel. With a sweet taste and crunchy texture, these pecans are the delicacies to accompany in any dessert or tabletop.


Rosemary Valencia Essence, aromas with sensations



Marcona almonds of excellent quality Spanish origin, fried with sunflower oil that make almonds have a juicy and soft texture. Seasoned with sea salt and rosemary, these almonds create a series of aromas and sensations, transporting the consumer to the Mediterranean and traditional flavors, deeply rooted values of the brand Aperimax.


Aperimax Packaging

Aperimax has different types of packaging of excellent quality to preserve the nuts and to maintain all its properties. All packaging follows rigorous processes of quality and a low-modified atmosphere of great versatility so you can choose the packaging that suits your needs.




There are various formats and weights for bags, packed under quality controls and modified atmosphere.


Aperimax plastic packagings are perfect for packing and transporting the nuts in a safe and comfortable way. Hinged tubs (PET) and plastic buckets with covers of different formats and capacities.


Glass is the best container to maintain any type of food. The transparency of the glass brings higher quality to see perfectly the contents of the jar without having to open it.

Source: Aperimax Website


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