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Camellia’s Tea House – Speciality Tea From Natural Ingredients, UK

by JGE Team

The Journey

Camellia’s Tea House is an independent, family-run business based in London that was founded by brother and sister, Lubna and Ajit Madan. From humble beginnings when they began blending teas at home, their passion for tea has led them to create beautiful and highly rated tea houses as well as some of the tea industry’s most innovative tea and wellness infusion blends. Camellia’s Tea House is very proud that they now collaborate with some of the finest restaurants, hotels, spas and tea lovers from around the world.



Tea History

Tea, the second most widely drunk beverage in the world, has been known now for nearly 5,000 years. With its rich and colourful history, it had become an important part of many cultures across the world, often embraced in the realms of spirituality and affecting many social strata throughout the centuries. Its true origins are lost in the mists of legends and we cannot be sure how exactly it was discovered or even how it was initially consumed. Although several countries have their own tea origin myths, the widely accepted story begins in 2737 BC in Ancient China with the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung.


Handmade Tea Blends

Many of the teas were designed and made by the founders in London using traditional handmade techniques using small batches and fresh ingredients. Freshly blending teas through handmade processes means they are able to design teas exactly as they want by utilizing a huge variety of ingredients from whole flowers to tiny herbs or even gold!



Freshness and Quality

Using the highest quality, small-batch tea and other ingredients from around the world to ensure the teas are as premium as possible, have the best taste profile and ultimately, as natural as possible. Teas are produced in small quantities and fresh to order to ensure they are as vibrant as possible when they are enjoyed by customers.


The healing potential of teas, herbs and flowers is very well known and the team has been designing the highest quality wellness tea blends to tackle some of the most common health issues people face today. They only use natural and wildcrafted ingredients and never compromise on quality or freshness.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is at the heart of what Camellia’s Tea House does and original recipes reflect the passion of the tea house for providing their customers with innovative and delicious teas. They work with some of the most creative minds in the food and health industries to showcase how teas can be integrated into food and lifestyles.

Tea Culture

Camellia’s Tea House is a natural expression of the passion and desire to create spaces for people to immerse themselves in tea culture. Tea’s rich flavour profiles and textures can be harnessed by chefs to create truly spectacular food and drinks.

Tea and Your Health

Many people naturally regard tea as containing numerous healthy properties and we often see or hear stories of research being undertaken in countries such as Japan or China where important correlations between tea drinking and better health, such as lower than average incidences of cancer or stroke have been discovered.

One of the founders of Camellia’s Tea House, Lubna Madan, is a qualified homeopath and she has used all her passion and knowledge of medicine and the healing arts to develop a range of Health Promoting teas which seek to tap in to the innate healing properties of tea.


Loose Leaf Tea

There are thousands of different tea varieties available for tea lovers to chose from, with many unique teas found only in certain parts of the world. Yet despite the seemingly endless range of loose leaf tea available, they all stem from one plant – Camellia sinensis. In the end it is all about how the leaves are harvested and processed that creates all the amazing varieties and tea types.


Black Teas



The range of single-origin black teas spans the world’s best tea regions, from Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan – each region offering a unique flavor profile.


Green Teas



The single-origin green teas are sourced from the finest gardens across China, Japan and Sri Lanka providing a varied range of flavor profiles, textures and history.


White Teas



White tea is the least processed or unoxidized type of tea thereby often providing light and delicate flavors. This nature allows white tea to be blended successfully with other ingredients to create innovative tea blends bursting with natural flavors of fruits, herbs and spices.


Wellness/Herbal Teas



Wellness and health infusions have been designed using homeopathic and herbal medicine principles incorporating only the highest quality and wild crafted ingredients from around the world – lovingly handmade in London to ensure freshness and a full flavor profile.


Oolong Teas



Oolongs are somewhere between green and black teas. As such they often exhibit wonderful complexity – the delightful freshness of green teas and the enticing maturity of fully oxidized teas.


Great Taste Award Teas

Camellia’s Tea House Welcome Tea

A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh and soothe your senses.


Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile is an all-time favourite when it comes to calming the nerves, soothing irritability and relieving pain in the digestive system.


Soothing Rose

A playful and radiant blend of whole rose buds with elements of ginger and soft liquorice that create a wonderful herbal infusion leaving a warming and floral sweetness in your mouth.


The Revival of Tea

Tea and the various rituals associated with it are no longer perceived as the quaint quirk of the older generations. Fusion teas with their new array of flavors, ranging from fruits to exotic spices and essential oils, entice the younger generations and tea is becoming more fashionable simply because it is a healthier alternative to coffee.



More and more studies show that this millennia-old drink holds many health benefits, from free radical combating antioxidants to concentration boosting properties, as well as being rich in many vital minerals. There are even studies showing a direct correlation between green tea consumption and lowered risk of bowel cancer.



Camellia’s Tea House is an ode to tea culture with over 70 different types of tea, including their very own handmade tea blends, served in beautiful teaware from around the world. Working with master bakers, chefs and tea sommeliers, they have created a sumptuous range of tea-infused foods, pastries and cakes as well as classic Afternoon Tea Menus and handmade Cream Teas. Set opposite the British Museum, Camellia’s Tea House is a delightful way to experience British culture and the wonderful world of tea.

Source: Camellia’s Tea House Website


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