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The N°1 Online Trade Show In Japan

Grow Your Business Network in Japan & Beyond

Japan Global Expo is an online trade show where Japanese and international members can showcase their brands and products to buyers and partners in Japan and all over the world. We aim to provide a new and effective mean for networking, building long-lasting relationships and creating opportunities. Open to professionals, businesses  and organizations from a variety of industries.

For Who

Japanese Businesses
Going Abroad

We support Japanese companies to expand their business globally! Connecting with trusted international buyers and partners.

Foreign Businesses
Targeting Japan

Japan Global Expo is your solution to enter the Japanese market! Get maximum reach and access to the third largest market in the world.


Japan Global EXPO

Connect with buyers and strategic partners
in and outside Japan.

Up to 300 Product Displays

Showcase up to 300 products to Japanese and foreign businesses.

Enter New Markets

Familiarize yourself with the Japanese market environment and promote your business efficiently.

Business Page

Benefit from an attractive profile page with links to your website and social media.

Social Media Posts

Attract followers in Japan and globally
through our posts.

Magazine Articles

Get top quality articles
dedicated to your business.

Get Priority Support

Receive technical support
within 2 days

Save Money & Time

Register for FREE and increase your visibility
in a few clicks.

Communicate Easily

Enjoy an easy-to-use chatting and posting system
to stay in touch with your network.

No External Advertisment

We give priority to your content.
That means zero ads on all of your pages.

JGE Events

Participate to networking events, webinars
and conferences featuring high-level guest speakers.

Global & Local Recognition

Obtain our Excellence Certificate to gain credibility in Japan and abroad.

Japan Global Expo

Japan's N°1 Online Trade Show

A trade show without the limits of time, money, space or location. Japan Global Expo is available 24/7. Presenting your brand to your Japanese audience! You can choose from more than a 10,000 product categories and display up to 300 products.

Powered by BtoTree World Expo

The Japan Global Expo partners with BtoTree, the largest Online Expo in the world. BtoTree's extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities focused around any location, category and interest.

Members' Business Pages

Your Business Page is much more powerful than any website

You can easily create a stunning showcase of your products and services with no technical skills. Your Business Page is a lead generation page that allows you to run worldwide advertising. Once set up, your online showcase is always on. Your products are shown in the Japan Global Expo, so that buyers and partners in Japan and around the world can find and connect with you easily.

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How it works

1. Contact Japan
Global Expo

2. Become a
JGE Member

3. Create Your
Member Profile

4. Create Your
Business Profile

5. Showcase
Your Products

6. Connect With
Buyers & Partners

Become a Member of Japan Business Global Association

Members gain access to the Japan Global Expo and obtain their own professional business page to introduce their company to the japanese and global markets.

Start finding new buyers!

Grow Your Business In Japan And Beyond !