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Alimenco S.R.L – The Healthiest Wholesome Foods From Italy

by JGE Team

About Alimenco

The company Alimenco S.R.L was born in Naples, in 1994, from the idea of a young businessman Maurizio Staempfli, for the wholesale trade of various food products, originated in Italy and is well known all over the world. In this sector the name Staempfli was already famous, this family lied its name to the tradition of canned foods and alimentary pasta. The development of the company was also supported by the alliance with the consolidated industrial partners both in Italy and China.



Alimenco S.R.L is already present on the international market with profitable results. The company is located in one of the best zones of the country, where both the climate and the position, support the selection of best local products from southern Italy and direct connections to various ports of destination of the goods.



Since everyone is having less and less time for cooking, Alimenco is working hard to secure to every consumer the right source of nutrients and energy, respecting all his sensory preferences, and innovating continuously to make wellness easier by eating whole food free of any bad ingredients. The primary aim is always to select “the best products for its consumers”.



Alimenco has been operated in the canned industry for 50 years, every year learning more about delivering the best Italian Pomodoro flavor. The company is producing both conventional and organic tomato products for retail and foodservice.



Alimenco’s beans and legumes are selected to deliver the best nutrition value to everyone. Italian tomatoes are well cultivated to satisfy every Italian culinary experience worldwide. The procurement team always cooperates with farmers to properly harvest the tomatoes on the perfect stage to have the perfect color and taste. The production team always ensure that original characteristics are maintained as far as possible, and maintain freshness in the products.



All organic products are certified by the highest levels of certification, providing the consumer the healthiest tomato products.


The Red Line – Italian Tomatoes

A complete line of products made of natural and genuine tomatoes from the South of Italy: red, tasty and juicy. These tomato products are the result of advanced production technology, together with the best care and attention, given by the most ancient industries of transformation of tomatoes.




Tomatoes are selected and collected rigorously at the maturation point, in order to be prepared to guarantee the best quality and health standards. The production of tomatoes is typically made during August and September, after the collection of the fresh products. So, the goods are stocked and sold all the year. The line includes:

Little sizes, destinated to the consumer

Big sizes, particularly adapted for hoteliers and catering

Available in conventional and organic


Chopped Tomatoes



Thick, bright red pulp with its intense aroma is made from sun-ripened tomatoes and is only made during the summer. Harvesting and processing are done on the same day to conserve the tomatoes’ freshness, color and aroma.


The Poor Man’s Meat – Legumes

Beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils in the past were called “the poor man’s meat” for their nutritional properties at a low cost. In fact, legumes, unlike salami, meats, eggs and cheese are rich in protein, but contain very little fat and are cholesterol-free. They are also a source of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.



Combined with whole grains, these form a complete meal from the point of view of the amino acids which are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Canned beans are widely used as ingredients in preparing various dishes and they are highly required by hotels, restaurants, schools, military and marine kitchens.


The Pasta: Consistency, Thoroughness of Cooking, Flavor

Alimenco’s pasta is prepared through the selection of durum wheat semolina and it has three main features: consistency, thoroughness of cooking, flavor. The product does not contain GMO (genetically modified organisms). For the retail sector, pasta can be packed and offered in following formats: 250g, 400g, 500g, 1 kg, while HORECA – plastic bags up to 5 kg. Private label can be considered.



Spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine and much other pasta are suitable for each kind of dish and each situation, thanks to its sinuous and elegant shape, to eat perfectly with a fork.


Every Oil Has A Unique Taste And Scent

Italians are experts in blending the different quality of oils coming from various regions or from specific place. Each oil has different characteristics, colors and flavors. Alimenco offers several quality of oil that made by different types of plants: Extra-virgin olive oil (100% Italian); Extra-virgin olive oil (Eu); Pure olive oil; Pomace olive oil; Vegetable oils.



Innovation and New Products



Alimenco is mastering the production of new items like lentils, black beans and quinoa, to help the consumer live better. Canned quinoa could be made in 1 color, or mixed between 2 or 3 colors white, black and red. Both conventional and organic are produced.


A New Solution for Baked Beans



Baked beans are being used in every hotel breakfast and served on the majority of breakfast tables in England and English-influenced countries. Alimenco produces multiple baked beans recipes, some are inspired by the preference of English people, and the others are inspired by the behavior of people intending to eat healthier. The company found the solution to eliminate the starch, artificial ingredients and the processed sugar from the baked beans, by keeping the same sensory profile.


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