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Argal – Spanish Charcuterie Since 1914

by JGE Team

Argal secret is to go into the future without forgetting the past

Argal started as a family business in a little butcher’s shop in the famous Calle de la Estafeta in Pamplona, known for the festival of San Fermin. The family has always worked with high-quality raw ingredients, continuously improving the facilities and processes with the best technology, always respecting tradition.

Over 100 years of existence, Argal has always promised quality, development and innovation throughout the whole product range, including natural cured meats, such as cooked and cured ham, jamón Iberico, turkey, salchichón, paté, and many other ready-to-eat products can be found in over 30 countries.



The respect for the good and the passion for things well done since 1914

The purpose of Argal is to understand and satisfy the needs of those consumers looking for quality and tradition in every one of their products. After so many years of experience, Argal has never changed their attitude, effort and compromise. Time has proved this is the only way to achieve success.


Where The Meat Come From

Extremadura – Fregenal de la Sierra (Ham, Iberian Cured Meats)

In the heart of the Extremaduran Dehesa lies a village abounding with tradition. Here Ibérico pigs are reared and fed not only on acorns and pasture but also on air, sun, clouds and mountains. This accounts for their Ibérico nature, unique and unmistakable.


Navarra – Lumbier (Cured Meats, Patés)

The company location came into being at the foot of the Pyrenees, in one of the regions with deep-seated traditions in the production of salamis. A land of traditions and contrasts, in which Argal still continues processing the salamis with the guidelines of master craftsmen: raw materials of the highest quality and recipes provide that everlasting good taste.


Catalunya – Miralcamp (Fuet, Sliced Products, Turkey, Cooked, Whole Piece, Cold Cuts: Chopped)

The region is known for, among other things, its diverse cuisine and culinary traditions. From these culinary traditions, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean culture, Argal inherited very characteristic naturally dried sausages, such as fuet or longaniza de payés. At Argal, they prepare these products according to traditional recipes.


Argal’s top priority is to offer the best quality products with maximum food safety.



Plant in Fregenal de la Sierra (Extremadura) boasts an environmental management system (ISO 14001) that ensures Argal’s commitment to the environment

Argal is environmentally committed, that’s why the company developed the environmental management system. Training programs were carried to convey values for the environment and the waste separation to their employees. Furthermore, Argal complies with certificates to promote environmental protection and sustainable development, as a socially responsible company.

Argal counts on cogeneration plants to reduce gas emissions and to optimize the energetic performance, keeping in mind the objective of self-sufficient plants in the short run. The company also make use of residual water treatment plants in order to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.


Iberian Cured Meats – Products of high quality and of origin 100% Spanish



Extremadura is the world-renowned region where for centuries Iberian products have been produced with rigor and professionalism. Argal bred the Iberian pigs during part of their life in open airfields, in the middle of the Dehesa from Extremadura. These products are using traditional recipes through the selection of the best spices (red pepper and black pepper).


Chorizo – An exquisite range of Spanish sausages developed according to the traditional recipe


3 flavors of Spanish chorizo seasoned with different spices. Ideal for grilling, frying and cooking.


Round Plates – Our ingredients: air, time, tradition and artisan recipes



This is the formula for a complete range of serrano ham and sausages from Navarra, lomo and Ibérico products from Extremadura, specially selected for their high quality and flavor. The products are presented in slices arranged in a fan shape on a plate, easy, convenient and ready-to-eat. In addition to preserving the aroma and flavor, each slice is very easy to separate, ideal for a great snack or to place on a dish.


Take Away – Spanish delicatessen products produced with the utmost care, and present in attractive premium packaging



Argal produces a wide range of premium sliced products under the label “Take Away”. These products are prepared according to an innovative slow-slicing technology at low temperatures, guaranteeing that organoleptic properties are better preserved.


Corporate Video of Argal



Source: Argal Website 


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