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Brezzo – Organic Honey And Quality Food Ideas Since 1948, Italy

by JGE Team

Quality Honey and Food Ideas

For more than fifty years, Brezzo has been offering and selecting food specialties that are a living and authentic expression of their territory. From honey to quality food ideas, Brezzo is synonymous with nature, taste and genuineness.

Brezzo is a family business, they have been handing down the taste of a job done with the hands, with the head and with the heart for three generations.



Brezzo has always lived in Roero, a land rich in agri-food traditions, from which they have inherited a vocation for manual skills, craftsmanship, attention to detail, simplicity, the result of careful qualitative choices starting from raw materials of exceptional value, which preserve in all their work. Their experience offers consumers authentic, genuine and reliable products, made directly in the laboratories or selected by artisans who fully embrace the philosophy.

The flower honey and food ideas of Brezzo quality are a guarantee of a superior product, which has passed stringent quality controls, coming from field to table in functional and innovative formats, attentive to the needs of consumers, their taste, and above all, to a fair price.


History has taught Brezzo that honey is a perfect product

Hands, heart, thought. Bezzo instills the same passion for all products that were handed down to generations by grandfather Gervasio for his bees, the love for a wonderful and rich land, the ability to dream, innovate and inherent in the people of Langhe and Roero that show absolute respect for the raw material.


Hands – In Defense of Tradition

Brezzo’s roots lie in the know-how. Traditions and techniques are the baggage of the grandfathers and fathers, of the industrious people of their hills.


Heart – The Taste of The Territory

Knowing how to do and do with the heart. Bezzo creates exciting products which know how to convey the beauty of the earth and the pride of the men who have valued them.


Thought – The Best At The Right Price

Knowing how to do and do well. Brezzo uses the best conservation and transformation technologies so that each product can express its true nature. Brezzo’s taste lies in the simplicity and genuineness of the products, the selection, verification, safety and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Thinking about a product means designing its practicality of use, functionality, the right price: parameters at the basis of a modern business concept, oriented to the market and attentive to the needs of consumers.



Why Choose Brezzo?

The choice of raw materials and experiments, tastings and analyzes, sharing with the sales network and Brezzo partners. From the field to the table, along with every processing, the products are the mirror of what Brezzo believe in: The taste of the earth.

01 Quality

Quality is a fundamental and indispensable value, to be pursued without compromising.

02 Genuineness

The products of nature are already perfect. Brezzo’s task is to enhance them without distorting and sophisticated them.

03 Territory and typicality

Brezzo lives in a magical territory. The roots are firm and all products reflect the love for the land and for tradition.

04 Reliability

The brand is the name, the business card.



05 Exclusive and accessible products

Brezzo believes that a fair purchase is a real convenience.

06 Flexibility and availability

Brezzo’s way of doing business: values ​​to which constantly orient the business in order to successfully respond to the needs of the suppliers, agents, points of sale and customers.

07 Wide range of references

Thanks to the large selection, every customer can buy, even in small orders, what they need from a single supplier.

08 Sales support

For Brezzo, quality is a fundamental and indispensable value, to be pursued without compromising.


The Italian Honey



Honey is the purest and least processed food that nature delivers to man. Brezzo’s commitment is to maintain this purity throughout all stages of honey processing. From hives placed in uncontaminated fields to the delicate and respectful harvesting of bees; from the honey extraction to the filtering and decanting phases, from the potting to the distribution: Brezzo carefully checks each phase of the supply chain to guarantee a simple and transparent quality.


The Organic Honey



Honey of high quality and authenticity, 100% organic, controlled and guaranteed by the Certification Bioagricert. Organic honey is obtained from uncontaminated places, located in apiaries within areas where organic farming is practiced and the sources of pollen and nectar are purer. A product for the most demanding consumers, who are looking for authentic and certified honey, without compromise.


Organic Honey Mignon



The Organic Honey can also be enjoyed in the mini version made in the format of a wooden case. The wooden cases are fanciful proposals, presented in pleasant shrink-wrapped packages, with a precious wood base. It is ideal for breakfasts and snacks. This product is intended for consumption in different areas such as families, hotels, tourist villages, sports centers, etc.


Rare Honey



Two real gems for connoisseurs and honey lovers. The display of Italian Rare Honey contains four jars of three different types of honey, respectively the Italian Honey of Corbezzolo, the Italian Honey of Mandarin and the Italian Honey of Thistle. The display of rare honey contains a selection of rare and precious honey from other countries. Within this range, Bezzo discovers New Zealand Manuka Honey MGO 135+, Ulmo Honey from Chile and Lavender Honey.


Nature Honey



The Nature Honey line was born from the idea of ​​combining the beneficial properties of honey with the healing, soothing and energizing properties of herbs. The products for this line, in six preparations of 200g have been recognized by the Ministry of Health as food supplements: “functional” products designed to relieve inflammatory symptoms, strengthen the immune system, promote airway clearance or act as soothing and tonic. A teaspoon of nature honey a day, preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach, can act as an effective supplement and health ally.




Source: Brezzo Website

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