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q: What does Located GK do and specialize in?

Located GK is a marketing consulting company that custom-designs strategies and solutions for market entry ventures and assists in a wide range of marketing projects. We cater to helping businesses of all sizes kick-start their marketing efforts with a distinct and sustainable plan of action. Our portfolio includes clients from entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and large corporations spanning three continents, including the US, Europe, and Asia.




q: What marketing solutions do clients look for from Located?

Our clients come to us for custom-tailored marketing plans and expertise that will help them address their businesses’ unique challenges when entering new markets and any other marketing-related aspect of their business that requires additional support. We add value by offering not only marketing consultancy services but with the full backing of our digital marketing division, Brave Insight, to strengthen the effectiveness of our marketing efforts for our clients. Our team of digital marketing consultants delivers digital marketing solutions and data analysis. We offer various services, including website and content optimization, content strategy, and campaign management across multiple digital platforms. Our data analytics tools help our clients maximize their customer value. It also allows them to connect better and retain customers for the long term.


Our approach is personalized, and we go as far as deeply understanding your long-term goals and business objectives to craft marketing strategies and set measurable milestones to help you get there. Our team of experts provides data-driven market research, insights, and a step-by-step process of what you would need to enter the market successfully. Depending on the full scope of the project, this can range from sourcing specific tech support, seeking out additional investors, or building strategic partnerships.




There are all sorts of challenges businesses face when entering a new market. Firstly, one of the biggest hurdles we see is clients underestimating the difficulty of the entire endeavor. Failing to do their due diligence regarding pre-market entry and understanding specific market sensitivities would only impact the success of their expansion strategy.


Secondly, clients fall into the habit of doing the same things the way they’ve always done back home and think it’ll work in other parts of the world. This is mainly because they do not have sufficient local knowledge about the market sensitivities and fail to adapt their core brand message to resonate with the local audience. By doing so, they are unsuccessful at scaling in the new market, which brings us to the third reason, clients, therefore, cannot build trust and create long-term relationships with their unique audience.


Lastly, clients find it challenging to determine whom to forge strategic partnerships with within the new market. For instance, the partnership support from a marketing company such as ours would suffice; if it were an import/export business, additional support from the right retailers and e-commerce platforms would be just as vital to the success of your business expansion. Naturally, distribution requirements will vary from business to business, but knowing the right doors to knock on can be another daunting task and affect your market potential.





q: What Market entry solutions does Located GK offers?

That’s where we come in. We are a company dedicated to seeing businesses prosper in new markets. We help set our clients’ minds at ease as we guide them step by step in efficiently rolling out tailored market entry strategies to thrive in the market with confidence effectively. We also highlight channels with people of influence and other prospects for business growth.


Firstly, we believe that as a good consultant, we need to educate our clients about the full scope of market entry expectations leaving no stone unturned. As your partner, it is our job to advise you about all the challenges and opportunities from the get-go and throughout your entire market entry journey. Our data-driven market research and analysis help provide insights on local market trends and consumer purchasing trends and capture any findings that will help your business scale.


Secondly, we strongly encourage our clients to approach the market locally with their global intent in mind. We go beyond typical marketing translations and copywriting. We allow transcreation to work its magic. That entails profoundly understanding your brand and business goals so we can adapt those messages into ones that will resound powerfully with the local market. This can be done to address cultural, demographical, and even geographical factors that relate to the local market. The better they receive your message in a way that makes sense to them, the better they receive and trust your brand. Only then can you begin to enjoy the profits of scaling from building a long-term relationship with your new audience.


Last but certainly not least, Located GK possesses a network of business alliances in the US, Europe, and Asia that can genuinely assist in ramping up your market entry efforts. Our approach is to help source whatever your business requires to penetrate the market. We know the right doors to knock on to get your business’s right partnerships for success.





q: Why should businesses partner with Located GK when entering new markets?

Whenever Located GK takes on a project, you can be sure we are completely invested and genuinely interested in our work for our clients. Your business becomes our business. We have been in the business of providing marketing consultancy and market entry solutions for 20 years. With that wealth of experience and network of professional business relationships, we can confidently advise you with our deep understanding of local markets, educate you in the process, and help your business grow.


All our clients would say that we are true to our company philosophy in that we value a working relationship built on transparency in how we do things, and trust, in why we do things. We add value to the work we do for you by taking a proactive approach. We’d rather over-communicate complex ideas to bridge understanding from both sides and actively follow up to ensure we have the resources from your end to execute your market entry strategy.


If it’s the one thing we always ask our clients, we strongly urge them to ask as many questions as possible. This will help us explore ideas, verify your questions and revisit them with more progressive ideas. Whether you’re working with Located GK or not, it’s all about discovering something new. Curiosity is a powerful tool that can tap into generating new ideas, whether to find research revenue, new markets, or even new ways to help people. Curiosity does a lot for us, and we want to encourage people to be more inquisitive.


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